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Lake Superior Reflection

Started by dwalton, 11/02/2003 02:36PM
Posted 11/02/2003 02:36PM Opening Post
Not sure if it's OK to post nature landscapes here. This one was taken in Marquette, MI, with a Canon 300D, 18-55mm kit lens, ISO 200.

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dwalton's attachment for post 10456
Posted 11/02/2003 03:20PM #1
Wow! I really like this photo Doug. The composition is just perfect for my eyes. The angled clouds pull the eye back into the distance in the same direction as the angle of the bank and foreground water, which is a very pleasing effect. The reflection is beautiful as well. This is one of my favorite landscape shots that I have seen on this website.....truly suitable for framing.

"The expression of the beautiful is in direct ratio to the power of perception acquired by the artist." (Gustave Courbet)
Posted 11/02/2003 04:52PM #2
Thanks youse guys! I appreciate the evaluations - and now I'm gonna go have some beer and watch the Packers. ;-)

I've seen one great pic after another here (and on the bird forum), and it's fun to contribute one myself.

Thanks again,
Posted 11/02/2003 05:31PM #3
Great shot, Doug. I love the muted colors and the composition is superb. Makes me think of coming winter up here in WI...where are you at? I'm in southern WI, but we have a place up near the UP in Vilas county.


Go Pack!

Jeff 8O
Posted 11/02/2003 07:33PM #4
Very, very nice. Just beautiful.