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Started by daqua, 05/18/2004 04:59PM
Posted 05/18/2004 04:59PM | Edited 05/18/2004 05:01PM Opening Post
I asked about this last week on the equipment forum, but got no responses. Has anyone used the new CGE GOTO mount? I was considering purchase, but the inability of the mount to track more than ten minutes past the meridian (S&T March review) has made me reluctant to buy one. Seems like a serious shortcoming IMHO. Anyone know if Celestron is considering modifying this feature? Why in heaven's name would they incorporate such a restriction? :S

Dom Q.
Posted 05/24/2004 07:08PM #1
I have the cge1100 and I would get caught up in my shorts over the meridian flip. The only time it would be an issue is if you take long exposure photographs.