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Started by David Ponder, 09/16/2008 04:19PM
Posted 09/16/2008 04:19PM Opening Post low can it go......
Posted 09/16/2008 04:29PM #1
Well, I would say no lower than $.01. wink I would think that they are on the verge of being bought out by someone. The cost of buying them must be pretty low with the stock prices this low. So if there is another company in Taiwan China that wants an American company, they may strike soon.

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Posted 09/16/2008 07:48PM #2
It can go to ZERO.
I know. I've done it. sad
Some long forgotten solar energy company...
Posted 09/17/2008 09:59AM #3
Today it opened at 22 cents ... as to how low it can go, well it may not matter since the exchange is after them surrounding their penny stock status and which must be rectified if they are to remain listed.

As an aside, I wonder if we will see a devaluation of the US dollar. For many years I have heard how overvalued the USD is/was and in spite of its weakness the past few years.

For better or worse, we are all privy right now to historic times.