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Battery Power

Started by awells, 11/04/2002 01:45PM
Posted 11/04/2002 01:45PM Opening Post
Does anyone know if there would be any problems using rechargable nickel-cadium or nickel-metal hydride batteries in an LX200 GPS. The instruction manual did'nt address it, however, I thought there were certain applications unsuited for using these types of batteries. Thanks
Posted 11/09/2002 09:00PM #1
Hi Alden, I've been reading up on both types of batteries to see if I could find an answer, but I don't see why they'd be a problem. I'd go with NiMH batteries mostly because NiCad batteries perform terribly when cold. If you are unsure, give Meade a ring and ask. Make sure you get the name and extension of the person you talk too...that way when your scope explodes after they told you it wasn't a problem.. you'll have something to go on wink