A Sophie's Choice : Sky 90 orTMB 80/600

Started by Owen Chin, 12/16/2003 11:52PM
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For those who chase windmills and count angels on heads of pins: If there could be only one small grab and go APO, which would you want?
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If available, I'd go for a Stowaway f/7. 92mm, no color, .98+ strehl, Feathertouch focuser, nice case...
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If you ever get a chance to view through a 90mm Celestron/Vixen f9 fluorite, then please do so. You will be amazed! And the stock 1.25" focuser on mine has been trouble-free and quite smooth. It just needs to be re-adjusted from time-to-time. Takes about 20 seconds. At f9 it is long. But for traveling it breaks down easily into four pieces. This requires no tools and takes about a minute. Hope this wasn't off-topic, but just want to remind people that some of the older stuff is still good.
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The TMB is for shure shorter than the Sky 90 when it is collabsed down and weight ? The TMB is 6 lbs only


clear skies

Markus Ludes
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