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difference between the 150toa and the 150 fs

Started by dan janosick, 03/03/2007 05:55PM
Posted 03/03/2007 05:55PM Opening Post
I see Herb is selling a 152fs at a discount. What are the differences between the two scopes? and don't say $1,600 wink
Posted 03/03/2007 08:05PM | Edited 03/03/2007 08:26PM #1
The FS-152 is a Fluorite Doublet (2 lens element) whilst the TOA-150 is a Triplet (3 lens element). The TOA is reported to have better color correction with no hint of false color when the scope is used visually where as the FS-152 has had some users report a visual hint of false color. Since Takahashi has restricted the use of Fluorite and the FS-152 is no longer in production the natural progression was for Takahashi to go to Triplet designs. If you are looking for a 6" Refractor for visual use then the FS-152 on offer at Anacortes is a true bargain but if you are thinking of a visual/CCD Imaging 6" Refractor then the TOA-150 might be the better choice. Thats not to say you can't image with the FS-152 it was that Takahashi designed and corrected the TOA-150 for imaging. I am surprised that no one has grabbed the FS-152 on offer.
Posted 03/08/2007 11:28AM #2
Other differences:

(numbers are approximate)

diam. of fs 152 tube is 155mm
diam. of toa 150 is 179mm

weight of 152 (w/4" focuser) is around 23 lb.
weight of 150 is, I think, well over 30 lb. (closer to 40?)

152 tube length a bit over 53 in., dewshield not retractable.

150 tube length (dewshield retracted) 38in.

You'll need a substantial mount for either. Could spend the extra 1600.00 on a used G11 for your new 152 wink

I have an fs 128 (bought from Herb in 2003). It's contrast and sharpness take my breath away every time. Would be same with the 152, and images will be brighter.

Steve O.