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EM10 USDIII with Temma retro fit or EM11 Temma

Started by Rob F, 08/29/2008 08:11AM
Posted 08/29/2008 08:11AM | Edited 08/29/2008 09:57AM Opening Post
I currently have a EM-10 USDIII mount supporting a 4" apo. I would like to get a Goto mount. Am I better off getting a Temma 2 jr retro fit for the EM-10 or should I part with the EM-10 and get a EM-11 Temma? Can the new hand held Tak HP controller be used with the retro fit? Any benefits to one vs the other?
Posted 08/29/2008 09:44AM #1
The Takahashi HP controller can be used with th eEM-11 T-2, Jr. or a converted EM-10 to T-2 Jr.

The EM-11 is a newer redesigned EM-10.

The TTK003 kit will convert your EM-10 USDIII to T-2, Jr. Or, you can purchase a brand new EM-11 T-2, Jr. mount.

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