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mounting the APQ 130

Started by Alan Friedman, 09/23/2003 09:10AM
Posted 09/23/2003 09:10AM Opening Post
Hi all,

Wondering if any of you have adapted the mounting of your APQ to a different system than the Zeiss stainless dovetail bar. I have an AP 600 and 900 mount and have switched to a dovetail plate that uses the losmandy dovetail bars. This makes a very solid connection on my other scopes. The APQ stainless bar will work on the small A/P Dove08 but nothing larger. The A/P rings for their 6" are just a wee too big for the APQ 130. I could attack a different sliding bar directly to the stainless one, but wondered if anyone has come up with something a little more elegant.

Alan Friedman

Alan Friedman
Posted 09/23/2003 09:11AM #1
Sorry - that should read attach, not attack. One does not attack an APQ 130!


Alan Friedman
Posted 09/27/2003 04:10AM #2
I have been using the Zeiss stainless dovetail bar on the Dove 08 AP plate on AP 600 and have felt that system was adequate. Are you looking for a more substantial dovetail plate?
Kim Colter
Posted 10/02/2003 06:40AM #3
My understanding is that the dovetail bar on the scope is integral to the internal baffling, so you might want to check on that first before replacing the bar. An alternative might be to leave the Zeiss bar in place and use if for a finder/guide scope, camera mount, etc., and use rings, if you can find some that fit.

Posted 10/05/2003 05:50AM #4
Interestingly, my APQ 100/640 has just the opposite problem: it's tailheavy since it has the same backend hardware and a smaller objective with with a lower lever arm. Fortunately, my AP 400GTO seems to be able to handle the inbalance with no problem.

I've thought about having a new longer dovetail plate made at a local shop with a female Zeiss/AP on one side and a male Losmandy on the other. This would solve both of our inbalance problems. Of course it would be easy to make one up out of AP parts that would do the same thing if you were willing to take the additional weight.