Stellarvue SV50 finder - spotter version

Posted by Malcolm Bird 07/22/2010 07:00AM

A real find of a finder!

Testing Cat spotters…

Posted by Ed Moreno 05/15/2009 07:00AM

No, silly rabbit… not for cat watching…

Spotting Scope Showdown: Factory vs. Homemade

Posted by Lee Spain 05/19/2007 07:00AM

Spotting Scope Showdown:  Factory vs. Homemade

Can a home-made spotting scope work as well as one made in a factory? Can a home-made spotter equal the quality of one from the store? This reviewer attempts to answer the question when he pits two factory-made spotting scopes against three of his own creations.

My New C90 Spotting Scope and Associated Stuff

Posted by Paul Turner 05/01/2005 07:00AM

I am a telescope and astronomy ignoramus.

The Celestron Ultima 100ED

Posted by Doug Peterson 03/04/2005 08:00AM

Too good to be true?