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Televue Binovue with TV76 and Panoramic Mount

Started by paul.knight, 02/16/2014 07:20AM
Posted 02/16/2014 07:20AM Opening Post
Has anyone used a Televue Bino Vue with a Televue 76 or 85 on a Panoramic mount? I am just wondering how well that set-up functions: vibrations, stability, range of power, etc. Thanks for any insight!
Posted 02/16/2014 08:43AM #1
Hi Paul. It was a few years ago, and my first experience using a binovue. I recall balance being a little tricky. At the time I only had a pair of
25mm Celestron Plossls, but was favorably impressed with using both eyes to view the Moon. Seemed cumbersome as I found it difficult to merge
and hold onto the mount at the same time. This was TV-76, Everbright, hi-hat adapter, 2x barlow on a Panoramic mount. Didn't use the BinoVue again until just recently with a driven mount and FC-100. Much easier to futz with when balanced on a driven mount. smile
Best wishes,
Posted 02/17/2014 08:22AM #2
"it even improves the image quality"
Adding extra glass in the light path will not improve image quality. The extra magnification may give you a better image if you have not exceeded the maximum resolution of your scope for the given conditions of the night.

I dealt with Harry Seibert many times in the past and the last time was not a pleasant experience. He failed to deliver multiple items by the promised delivery date even with months of advance notice of when I needed them by. This was not a case of missing parts as he had everything he needed to complete the project. When I grew angry with his constant delays and excuses he threatened to keep my equipment. (My eight inch refractor lens, and TAK focuser)

All I can say is buyer beware. I would use paypal if you must deal with him.

Don Durbin
Posted 02/21/2014 08:27AM #3
Paul, I highly recommend the Unistar mount (Universal Astronomics). It has been my main Alt-Az for years. I find it more than stable enough for my TV85, Denk Standard BV, and TV 24 Pans. I use it for closer viewing, too, with my TMB Supermono 7mms. (Of course, with the higher power and TMB's narrow FOV, I have to move the mount frequently, but this mount is plenty smooth and stable enough for it.) My tripod is an EQ5 from Orion's Sirius, with an adaptor Larry at UA supplied.

I routinely use my TMB 130mm scope with the Unistar mount, too.

If you decide to consider a Unistar, I recommend you call UA, so that you get the right options and mounting set-up for your scope.