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Yet another this vs that question.

Started by spyglass, 09/20/2003 08:55AM
Posted 09/20/2003 08:55AM Opening Post
Long story short: have been bitten by the bino bug. There is more data out there then I know what to do with. Would like opinions on the following:
Is the Denk 1 with special coatings worth the extra dough (~$150 - $175) over the Denk 1 Standard. Seeing how the Denk 1 with special coatings which puts you pretty much into the same financial ballpark as the Denk 2. Which of these is the biggest bang for the buck, or is it the Denk 1 standard that is the biggest bang for the buck? Finally how does the Siebert Black Knight stack up againgt the Denk?? Sorry for the stream of consciousness post, butI am soooo confused. This is tougher than deciding on a scope.
Posted 09/20/2003 09:53AM #1
I thought the Denk FMC's were the same price as the Denk standards? I could be wrong.

Posted 09/20/2003 03:47PM #2

You have asked some very good questions. Whenever vendors offer a multitude of choices it gets hard to decide. So I understand your confusion. But first between the Denk Standard and Denk II both are excellent units. Although it is very hard to see much of a difference between the two imo. Todd Gross's review between the Televue and Denk I and Denk II was very clear on the narrow to non-existent gap between Denk I and Denk II. The Diopter adjustment was the only difference that Todd felt gave the edge in sharpness and I agree. The diopter adjustments will mainly benefit those with significant difference in their eyesight from left to right. So if I had to choose between the Denk I and Denk II since the diopter adjustment are over the base price of $799 for the Denk II making them $924 for my money I would definitely go with the Denk I's. Here is the latest ad for the Denk I's: This being said, I think it important to answer your second question about the Black Night unit since I own both the Black Night, Denk I and have access to the Denk II. The Black Night unit is a surprisingly strong contender. Here is Mr. Siebert's latest ad: If you read this ad the dielectric beamsplitters are a surprising development for the Black Night units. Besides the Denk II which originally set itself apart from the Denk I because of its multi-coatings and dielectric beamsplitter the only other binoviewers that has replaced the old metal beamsplitters with a dielectric beamsplitter is AP Baader and Siebert Black Nights. Now this does not mean that units like Televue and BW Optics don't also have dielectric beamsplitters, but it certainly has not been disclosed to my knowledge. Does the dielectric beamsplitter make the Black Nights better than the Denk I's. I don't think so. At least not as far a brightness is concerned. My Denk I's appear to be good and bright. But my own observations seem to agree with what many others have observed. I find that the Siebert Black Nights seem to be on pretty even footing with the Denk I. So my feelings are if you have to choose between the Denk I and Denk II, go with the Denk I. But if you want another strong contender try out the Siebert Black Night. As always the adage to "try before you buy" is best, but if you can't than you can always utilize the money back guarantees each vendor has. Mr. Siebert gives the longest trial period of 60 days to allow you to try his out before your buy is final. If you ask Russ at Denkmeier I believe he has 30 day trial. Maybe he could give you the extra time as well. Both have a full line of accessories for their units from low mag. to your higher powers.

Posted 09/20/2003 05:58PM #3
"This is tougher than deciding on a scope."

I know what you mean Jeff. It took me longer to finally decide on a binoviewer than my last scope. I think it is easy to get caught up in the search for that "perfect" or "best of the best" item. All the technical data, advertising hype, and differing subjective opinions tend to
cloud the fact that most of the current crop of binoviewers are all very good.

I was wondering about your scope, what type and size is it?
What are your favourite targets. And where do you do most of your viewing?

Pat G.
Posted 09/20/2003 10:55PM #4
Jeff what type of scope are you going to use the binoviewer
in. Scotty
Posted 09/21/2003 12:59AM #5
I read the reviews, saw that the BW Optik was in the same ballpark as the others, considered that the others would cost an arm, a leg, and an eyeball here in Europe, and ordered the BW Optik. It works fine for me (although I can't compare it to anything else).
Posted 09/21/2003 07:00PM #6
I cannot tell you how a Black Night stacks up against a Denk. I can tell you how one stacks up agaist a Televue. My nephew owns the televue and I own the blacknight. We have used both in a Meade AR5, a C8, a C9.25, and a TAK FS-102.

The televue came to a slightly sharper focus. The difference however was very very slight.

The Blacknight will easily accept 1.25 filters. The Televue will not. Although the televue extender tube might. I am not sure about that.

You can get a basic Black Night for $300. The Televue BV is around $800 or $900

My opinion is that the Black Night is the best deal around and my nephews agrees that the difference in view is not worth the extra money he paid for the Televue BV.

Don Durbin