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etx 105 trade

Started by cysmarc, 02/03/2006 06:27AM
Posted 02/03/2006 06:27AM | Edited 02/03/2006 07:58AM Opening Post
I have a one year old etx 105 uhtc supercharged by Dr. Sherrod this past November, plus two u.o. orthos (7mm and 18mm)a dew shield, a Meade shorty barlow and two Celestron sma's (10mm and 12mm)and a Meade 15mm qx. I would like to upgrade to an orion 100mm ed Skyview Pro. Does anyone think I'd be able to make an even trade between the two? The etx new is 875 plus the supercharge is a $255 value and the 100mm ed is a $1200 new. Or am I just in lala land
Posted 02/03/2006 08:01AM #1
Itz, everything is possible, and we could talk all day about it, but your best bet is simply to place a TRADE AD in the classifieds and see what happens... wink

Good luck! 8)

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Posted 02/03/2006 08:54AM #2
My guess? I'd say lala land. Here's why:

The ETX has been on the market for a while, there are lots of them used. And there are lots of other scopes of that size, for the price. However, there aren't many ED100s on the market, so they command a premium.

Additionally, computerized stuff like the ETX loses value faster as it goes obsolete faster--supercharged or not. Refractors hold their value better as they are harder to damage. And mounts for refractors sell for more as they are usable for multiple scopes. That's why you'll see a greater markdown on an Ultima 2000 or LX200 scope, say, than on an equivalently priced refractor/GEM setup.

And finally, those who might appreciate things like supercharging (which I would never pay $255 for on a 4" ETX, for example) are not going to care about those EPs and barlows, as they'll already own their own, better, ones.

Just my 0.02...
Posted 02/03/2006 10:41AM #3
I'd do a search on the ads to get an average selling price for the ETX-104 (and probably the Nexstar 4" mak as well) and compare to the average selling price of the 4" ED. You can then offer the difference in cash. The Supercharge, although a nice feature, but will probably not much value. APO/ED's hold their value better than most other scopes.

I'd estimate that you will need to offer $200 to $250 additional.
Hope this helps.
Steven Jindra