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Moving a big dob/storing in garage

Started by Harry Drutok, 05/22/2004 01:54PM
Posted 05/22/2004 01:54PM Opening Post
Hi Folks,
Can a big dob (16" F4.5 or so) be easily moved in one piece? I'm thinking about storing one in my garage and wheeling it out, in one piece, onto an asphalt driveway. Also, I'd get a scope with a detachable mirror cell so the mirror is not subject to car exhaust. Do any of you store your scope with mirror in the garage? If so, have you noticed any degradation due to the exhaust?

Posted 05/22/2004 08:19PM #1
As for exhaust, realize that your car should only be running for a couple of seconds in the garage. Sitting with the car running in the garage is generally not a recommended procedure. shocked

Given that, unless your scope is *very* close to the tailpipe, it is unlikely that any exhaust fumes could reach any sort of concentration that would do anything to your mirror that just plain old dust floating in regular air won't do.

Of course, it can depend on your exhaust too -- if you're driving an old diesel vehicle, or if you're the sort of person who changes his oil once every 3 years, well then you might have a problem. wink
Posted 05/23/2004 04:49AM #2

I keep my 20" Starmaster completely assembled in the garage. When not in use, it's covered with an Astrosystems scope cover. The scope has a locking bolt to keep it pointed at about 45 degrees. I can then move it from the garage to the backyard (over grass and bark ground cover) with the wheelbarrow handles. I'm not sure if other dob manufacturers have a similar setup that makes wheeling the scope in one piece so easy!

Posted 05/23/2004 06:21AM #3
My 18"Dob has been kept, assembled, in an attached garage for two years, under a silvered mylar cover (Desert Storm?). The primary mirror is a bit dusty but looks otherwise perfect.
I'd be happier having the scope hermetically sealed but I'm not aware of a problem with the way things are.

Bob Polcyn
Posted 05/24/2004 05:15PM #4
Paul/Bill and Bob,
Thanks for your help!