What Do Amateurs Do For a Living?

Started by jadamslh, 02/25/2007 11:41PM
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I'm a Postal worker and my wife is a bank CEO. Mainly I play piano in a whorehouse. Darrell
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High school science teacher (mostly chemistry). Started building scopes when I was in 7th grade (1963).
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This promises to be a mighty long thread.
I break rocks mostly and build houses out of stone.

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I test software applications and develop test plans. Basically, I spend my time finding fault with other people's work, or planning to.


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Back in the old days I've worked in tool and die shops, Gibson Guitar, and a house parent at the Fla. School for Deaf and Blind. For the last 28 years as outside industrial sales. I only wish I had started this hobby earlier and urge everyone to foster this hobby onto the younger folks.
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I'm quite happy to say that someone acutally pays me to do astronomy! I'm a grad student and in 4 months I'll get my PhD. In a few minutes I'll go into work to support a visiting astronomer to our observatory, which is one of the things I get paid to do. Other than that and helping to commission a new camera, I focus on my thesis research. Quite a few of the staff at the observatories on Mauna Kea are amateur astronomers.

Mike Connelley
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I got my degree in electrical engineering and worked for a few years as a software engineer.
Now I'm a part owner of a company that builds trusses for houses and other structures.

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Criminal defense lawyer, primarily homicide cases fomerly though mostly in management now. Being able to sit behind a telescope and look at things is a big stress reducer. Guess I stick to visual observing becasue it, unlike most of my life, is pretty uncomplicated.
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Recently retired IT exec with a well known fly by night outfit when you absolutely, positively need it there overnight. Now, I am a graduate school professor for a large southern university that worships wild hogs (pronounced "hawgs").

Randy Roy
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Well OK, at the increasing risk of being the only one left out... wink

Yet another woodworker.
I'd prefer to stay out back, in my own shop, building furniture,
but it's installing commercial millwork that keeps my bills paid.