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Anyone else think Gov. Palin has overplayed the

Started by spyglass, 10/05/2008 06:13AM
Posted 10/05/2008 06:13AM | Edited 10/05/2008 06:15AM Opening Post
"folksy hand"?
I've written before that I've never found "cute and perky" attractive, but what has surprised me is my wife's reaction. By mutual agreement we seldom discuss politics or religion (without going into detail, it makes for a better marriage) but last night, we went out to dinner and out of nowhere she volunteered that she's getting tired of Sarah Palin. She's especially offended by what she feels is forced and affected folksiness (if there's such a word) that verges being on the borderline of insulting the intelligence of her audience.
A sign that maybe Sarah needs to rachet it back a notch?

Posted 10/05/2008 07:20AM #1
Sarah only takes signs from 'above'. And woe unto those she feels aren't giving her their wholehearted support. Hmmm- sounds like 'W' to me, the estrogenized version.

I just wonder, though, should she become VP and God Forbid President, how much she would sympathize with others in her own current predicaments (special needs child, wayward expectant daughter, etc.). My guess- not much. Funny how divine punishment is always for the other guy (or girl)...

As Dana Carvey's Church Lady always said- 'Isn't That Special??'

Jess Tauber
Posted 10/05/2008 10:35AM #2
I noticed this coming out of the debate. Trying to drive home the notion that she represents all the hockey moms and so on -- came off as really patronizing I thought.
Posted 10/05/2008 02:07PM #3
My wife feels the same way about Palin.