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M-101 - Definitely a Work in Process

Started by Mike Sandy, 03/03/2006 03:21PM
Posted 03/03/2006 03:21PM Opening Post
Between the storms I've managed to pull together about half the data I want to collect on M-101. I've got two "first light" data sets in work that I'm going to put into the first images out of the new scope (M-81 & M-82 and M-101) Here is the initial look at M-101:

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Posted 03/03/2006 07:40PM #1
Really nice Mike! What new scope pray tell?


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Posted 03/04/2006 09:01AM #2
I read in your other post that this is a first light with an FRC. That is supposed to be quite a scope. You must be pretty excited to have that waiting for you in your observatory.
It looks like you've handled your light pollution problems well, Mike.
I noticed some misregistration in this image. I think if you redo the registration, you'll find an even better image awaits you.
Other than that, you've got a fine M 101 'in the works'.

dan kowall
Posted 03/04/2006 12:32PM #3
Wonderful shot Michael... 8)
If this is WORK IN PROGRESS, I'm definitely looking forward to the FINAL SHOT... wink

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Posted 03/05/2006 10:46PM #4
The clouds rolled in Friday and are still out there so I didn't get much more data - other than a little more Blue (which I needed). So I reprocessed the data, worked to improve registration, and tried to bring out the detail a bit. I think it is improved, but I'd appreciate your comments.

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