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Another Mars from September 22

Started by awesley, 09/22/2005 05:03PM
Posted 09/22/2005 05:03PM | Edited 09/22/2005 07:29PM Opening Post
Here's another image from Wednesday night's session.

10" f/6 newtonian
5x powermate @ 6.5x
Dragonfly Express 1394b camera 16bpp mono
Astronomik RGB filters
Captured using Coriander for Linux
Processed under Windows with Registax, Astra Image, Neat Image and GIMP.

exposures: R=G=B=66ms
Stacked best 700 frames in each colour

regards, Anthony

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awesley's attachment for post 27006
Posted 09/22/2005 06:53PM #1
Excellent image!

Posted 09/22/2005 11:55PM #2
For those people (like me!) with different types of monitors, it's hard to get an image that looks good on all of them. e.g. my lcd monitor shows an image to be really crisp but when I compare it on my crt it looks fuzzy.

Anyway, here's the above image processed a bit further, including a monochrome version. If you're on an lcd screen then this might look a bit too far processed but on most crt screens it might look better than the original.

regards, Bird

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awesley's attachment for post 96359
Posted 09/23/2005 10:18AM #3

Very! detailed, great color too.


Wes Higgins
Posted 09/23/2005 11:49AM #4
Beautiful! 8)

Ivan Gastaldo 8)
Coconut Creek, FL

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Posted 09/23/2005 07:51PM #5
A very fine image Anthony, well done!

Ed Roach