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Short Jupiter animation 2005.04.20.

Started by oliver_p, 04/21/2005 01:23PM
Posted 04/21/2005 01:23PM Opening Post
Hi all,

I was imaging the moon last night and finally I swung the scope over to Jupiter. The gas giant is a difficult target this season for my location with altitudes hardly over 30°. With settings of the ToUcam of 1/100s and 10fps the seeing was just 'frozen' enough to get some AVIs with acceptable sharpness. Nothing great but sufficient for a tiny 3 frame animation without the GRS 8)

Here the details:

I hope the images are not too embarrassing among all your fantastic Jupiter captures.

Cheers & clear skies,
Posted 04/22/2005 03:15AM #1
Nice animation Oliver! Given the conditions under you were imaging. I would say that you abtained a good result. Therefore nothing to be embarassed about smile

Ciao Oliver

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Posted 04/24/2005 07:11AM | Edited 04/24/2005 01:24PM #2
That's great Oliver!
Question, how long was the period between the first and last frame?

Keep it up! wink

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Posted 04/24/2005 11:44AM #3
Hi Oliver -

A very nice short movie. It is interesting to see how much sharper the view seems when the details are moving.

Thanks for sharing it -

Alan Friedman
Posted 04/24/2005 05:43PM #4
Jupiter animations are always a joy to watch. They are also very difficult to make. Thanks for sharing.