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Raging Wind: A 20" Obsession Survial Story

Posted by Paul Roy 08/19/2007 12:00AM

My scope appeared to be a Pulsar in the raging wind, spinning violently and briefly reflecting back the beam of my flashlight from it's primary mirror.

The TOA-130 Reveals "the Pup"

Posted by Ralph Aguirre 12/03/2006 12:00AM

The TOA-130 Reveals "the Pup"

The Sacramento Valleys Active Astronomers bag another great object

Star Gaze Hawaii and the Visitor Information Station

Posted by Timm Bottoni 07/13/2006 12:00AM

Star Gaze Hawaii and the Visitor Information Station

Recommendations for Astronomy Observing on the Big Island of Hawaii

Mt. Saint Helens Revisted

Posted by John Finnan 12/15/2005 12:00AM

Mt. Saint Helens Revisted

Last fall when I visited the volcano most of the action took place during the day. On this trip I was treated to an unexpected surprise at night just as the moon was setting.

“The Wonders of the Night Sky”

Posted by Mark Mittlesteadt 07/06/2005 12:00AM

I wonder where it went…

Mt. Saint Helens through a Binoviewer

Posted by John Finnan 10/04/2004 12:00AM

Mt. Saint Helens through a Binoviewer

Read a report from an Astromarter who went to Mt. Saint Helens to observe the show and got caught up in some exciting events.

Wild Card 007: "When the Atmosphere Gets Out of the Way!"

Posted by Rick Shaffer 09/02/2004 12:00AM

Rick Shaffer tells you tales of nights when, if you weren't still breathing, you'd SWEAR the atmosphere wasn't there!