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Messier’s Open Clusters in Urban Skies

Posted by Blair Slayton 01/17/2005 12:00AM   (Reviews/Beginners)

Even an 80mm telescope can enjoy these

Atlas of the Constellations by Paolo Candy

Posted by Paul Walsh 01/05/2005 12:00AM   (Reviews/Accessories/Booksperiodicals)

Atlas of the Constellations by Paolo Candy

So many people say they would just like to learn the constellations. Here is a great handbook to do just that - and learn italian at the same time :-)

LOMO Little Mak 10x30 Maksutov Gregorian Monocular

Posted by Charles P. Sands 01/01/2005 12:00AM   (Reviews/Binoculars/Monoculars)

LOMO Little Mak 10x30 Maksutov Gregorian Monocular

Unlike most monoculars, this one is not a refractor, but a Maksutov Gregorian reflector!

Orion's 120mm Telescope Setups

Posted by Blair Slayton 12/27/2004 12:00AM   (Reviews/Beginners)

Do you like laying on the ground to look through your scope?

Nebulous Categories

Posted by Norman Sperling 12/22/2004 12:00AM   (Reviews/Beginners)

A little History and a discussion of Deep Space Phenomena and Scientific Classification By Norm Sperling. Excerpted with permission from his book “What Your Astronomy Textbook Won’t Tell You” copyright (c) 2002

Canon Angle Finder C: Not Just for Canons

Posted by Michael Covington 12/20/2004 12:00AM   (Reviews/Accessories/Hardware)

Canon Angle Finder C: Not Just for Canons

Focusing is one of the challenges of astrophotography, and any gadget that makes it easier is welcome. For years I've used a venerable old Olympus Varimagni Finder as a focusing magnifier. No more. Move over, Olympus; Canon has outdone you.

Holiday Astronomical targets for beginners

Posted by Ed Moreno 12/16/2004 12:00AM   (Reviews/Beginners)

How to avoid new-telescope frustrations and disappointment

How the PST Changed My Life - By Ken Fiscus

Posted by Ken Fiscus 12/15/2004 12:00AM   (Reviews/Telescopes/Solar)

I never have to worry about Solar Minimum again... Teaching Astronomy in the daytime just got real fun and real easy, even when teaching teenagers!

Manually Guided DSLR Astrophotography

Posted by Ivan Ong 12/02/2004 12:00AM   (Reviews/Beginners)

Manually Guided DSLR Astrophotography

Intersted in using your DSLR for astrophotography? Here are some useful hints to start you off.

150' USB and RS232 Extensions

Posted by Darrell Fichtl 12/02/2004 12:00AM   (Reviews/Telescopes)

So you want to remote your telescope?

The Celestron 80mm ED

Posted by Doug Peterson 12/01/2004 12:00AM   (Reviews/Telescopes/Refractors)

The only way you're going to get more BANG for your buck is if you drop it.

Travels with a Tele Vue--a Pacific Review of the TV-85

Posted by Robert Howe 11/29/2004 12:00AM   (Reviews/Telescopes/Refractors)

Travels with a Tele Vue--a Pacific Review of the TV-85

Banished to Hawaii for a fortnight, our intrepid Author finds solace with his TV-85--and observes more than stars.

Drift Testing to Determine Your Eyepiece's True Field of View

Posted by Herbert Kraus 11/27/2004 12:00AM   (Reviews/Beginners)

To calculate an eyepiece's true field of view you need to know the diameter of its field stop, but most manufacturer's don't furnish that specification. Here's how to use the drift test method instead.