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Meade 127MM ED Semi Apo Refractor

Posted by George Mavromates 05/26/2004 12:00AM   (Reviews/Telescopes/Refractors)

Meade 127MM ED Semi Apo Refractor

My astronomy experience, the scope, first light, second attempt, and summary.

Hutech Motorized Alt-Az Mount

Posted by Joe Metzger 05/26/2004 12:00AM   (Reviews/Mounts/Alt-Azimuth)

Hutech Motorized Alt-Az Mount

Have a small grab n' go scope on a manual mount? Annoyed by mount shake and shimmy? Here's a mount that may solve the problem...

The Aries SAFIX

Posted by Rod Mollise 05/24/2004 12:00AM   (Reviews/Eyepieces/Other)

The Aries SAFIX

Spherical Aberraton? What Spherical Aberration?

Takahashi FS-60C Apochromatic refractor

Posted by Lawrence Carlino 05/19/2004 12:00AM   (Reviews/Telescopes/Refractors)

...Despite its small aperture and limited light grasp, this 2.4" provided some wonderful, high-contrast views. Using a 9mm Nagler type 6 wide-field eyepiece that generated 40x, I found the oft-observed Double Cluster in Perseus a wonderful sight...

Planetary Imaging with a Webcam and an SCT

Posted by Rod Mollise 05/18/2004 12:00AM   (Reviews/Telescopes)

Planetary Imaging with a Webcam and an SCT

The planets are tough. Tough to observe visually and especially tough to image. Those of you who’ve got a few Mars oppositions under your belts know what I’m talking about.

Maxim DL/CCD Ver.4 - First Impressions

Posted by Randy Nulman 05/18/2004 12:00AM   (Reviews/Accessories/Software)

Being a long time user of the Maxim software, I eagerly awaited the release of Version 4. I was not disappointed!

Coronado SolarMax 60

Posted by Greg Piepol 05/17/2004 12:00AM   (Reviews/Telescopes/Solar)

Coronado SolarMax 60

Viewing Our Nearest Star the Coronado Way

A Checklist for Photographing the Transit of Venus

Posted by Michael Covington 05/16/2004 10:59PM   (Reviews/Telescopes)

A Checklist for Photographing the Transit of Venus

Michael A. Covington is the author of Astrophotography for the Amateur and other books.

William Optics Megrez II

Posted by Doug Peterson 05/16/2004 12:00AM   (Reviews/Telescopes/Refractors)

The sequel--this time it's personal.