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Celestron CPC 8" XLT

Posted by Jerry Zaun 05/28/2005 12:00AM   (Reviews/Telescopes/Cats)

Celestron Has a winner!

Life with a C14

Posted by Clifton Loo 05/20/2005 12:00AM   (Reviews/Telescopes/Cats)

How to get the most out of the ultimate scope.

Review of the Meade 152ED APO Refractor

Posted by Ed Moreno 05/18/2005 12:00AM   (Reviews/Telescopes/Refractors)

Review of the Meade 152ED APO Refractor

A budget priced, practically color free, larger aperture, high quality refractor, and what’s that all about, anyway?

Sleep Is Over Rated

Posted by Dave Gede 05/11/2005 12:00AM   (Reviews/Telescopes/Solar)

The PST wins over a white light solar fan!

Reinforced Lapides Teegul Mount

Posted by James Brown 05/11/2005 12:00AM

Reinforced Lapides Teegul Mount

Have you ever wished you could use your Takahashi Teegul mount with those smooth slow motion controls for a medium-large telescope? So did I...

TEC140 Mini Review

Posted by Richard Beasley 05/04/2005 12:00AM   (Reviews/Telescopes/Refractors)

TEC140 Mini Review

How can a recovering scope junkie go cold turkey, and limit themself to one scope?

My New C90 Spotting Scope and Associated Stuff

Posted by Paul Turner 05/01/2005 12:00AM   (Reviews/Telescopes/Spotters)

I am a telescope and astronomy ignoramus.

Supercharge Your Hobby with a Telescope Supercharge

Posted by Max Corneau 04/30/2005 12:00AM   (Reviews/Telescopes/Other)

Here's a service that takes your telescope to better-than-new condition.

William Optics Megrez 80 APO

Posted by Maqsood Ali 04/21/2005 12:00AM   (Reviews/Telescopes/Refractors)

William Optics Megrez 80 APO

Doesn't even require a second thought.

Photon Instruments 127mm f/9 Achromat

Posted by Clayton Cramer 04/16/2005 12:00AM   (Reviews/Telescopes/Refractors)

Photon Instruments 127mm f/9 Achromat

Like many Chinese achromats, bargain-priced optics, less impressive mechanical components.

Celestron 80ED Refractor

Posted by Gary Hansen 04/14/2005 12:00AM   (Reviews/Telescopes/Refractors)

Celestron 80ED Refractor

Great Optics, Great Mechanics, Low Price. The Celestron 80ED refractor has superb optics and much better than average mechanics, all for $409.

Orion Astroview 100mm EQ - F/6

Posted by James MacWilliam 04/03/2005 12:00AM   (Reviews/Telescopes/Refractors)

The Journey Home .... passing Vixen SP102, Orion Optics 6" Reflector, Celestron Skymaster 15x70's Scotland, and Canada Customs ....

Celestron C130 5.1 inch Maksutov OTA

Posted by Tom Nicolaides 03/25/2005 12:00AM   (Reviews/Telescopes/Cats)

Celestron C130 5.1 inch Maksutov OTA

An inexpensive 5 inch Mak to compete with Orion's Apex 127