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Started by dpeach78, 02/19/2005 01:58AM
Posted 02/19/2005 01:58AM Opening Post
Hi all,

Due to rapdily increasing work and other commitments in my life away from the forum, its unlikely i will be able to post here much anymore in the coming months into the summer sad .

I'd just like to wish everyone the very best of luck in their observing and imaging, and its been very enjoyable debating and discussing a whole manner of differant topics with you all and seeing the many excellent images posted. I'll drop in when i can...

Best Regards,

Damian Peach.
Posted 02/19/2005 05:47AM #1
All the best to you damian. I truly enjoy having the pleasure of corresponding with you and, seeing your fantastic images!

All the Best,

Jim Phillips
Posted 02/19/2005 06:49AM #2
Hi Damian,

I hope the best for you in the coming months and will keep an eye out for your Jupiter images on your site.
I, and I'm sure everyone else hope to hear from you again soon on this forum.

Ed Roach
Posted 02/19/2005 09:39AM #3
Good luck Damian. I hope all is well. Drop in whenever you can find the time... the forum will be diminished by your absence.
Cheers and Clear Skies,

"The expression of the beautiful is in direct ratio to the power of perception acquired by the artist." (Gustave Courbet)
Posted 02/19/2005 01:29PM #4
Damian, best of luck to you!
I surely hope we'll be seeing you back here soon enough, until then take good care of yourself!

Clear skies!

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