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Mars August 25th, 2005

Started by ctron, 08/25/2005 02:03PM
Posted 08/25/2005 02:03PM | Edited 01/16/2006 02:07PM Opening Post
This may be my last image during this opposition due to new job commitments, but seeing and transparency were very good this morning, 7/10. Not since spring of '04 had both factors been equal.

C9.25 @ F50
Lumenera 075M
0840 UT
LRGB, 10 fps

Eric Todd

Attached Image:

ctron's attachment for post 26333
Posted 08/25/2005 02:41PM | Edited 08/25/2005 02:42PM #1
Hi Eric,

what a great result - good to see you made the best out of the good seeing 8)
Can't wait to let my C9 see mars again...

Clear skies!
Posted 08/25/2005 03:46PM #2
Hi Eric -

Very nice detail captured in your image - I hope you find a chance to take more Mars images this apparition.


Alan Friedman
Posted 08/25/2005 03:50PM #3
A lovely image of Mars! I hope we get to see more of your outstanding images this oposition.

Clear skies,
Ed Roach
Posted 08/25/2005 04:24PM #4
Very nice shot, hope you get to take more. smile

[SIZE="Large"][/SIZE][COLOR="Blue"][/COLOR] Floyd Blue grin
Amateur Imager
Posted 08/25/2005 05:28PM #5
very nice picture!
Regards Richard
Posted 08/25/2005 10:43PM #6
Excellent job Eric as always. Very nice indeed.

Jim Phillips
Posted 08/26/2005 02:40PM #7
Thanks to all. I dedicate this image to my former neighbor, Chuck, who died of a massive heart attack yesterday. He was 52. I used to share prints with him quite often after successful imaging sessions. He will be missed.

I have others from the session that I have not had time to work on yet. Will post final versions either here or on my website in a few days, hopefully. Some imaging was done at F60+ and they too appear to be coming out well. Will share as time permits.

Thanks again,
Posted 08/26/2005 04:35PM #8
Hi Eric,

Very detailed image, I'm not sure but it looks like there may be some cloud detail, I hope you soon find the time to do some more imaging.


Wes Higgins
Posted 08/26/2005 05:40PM #9
Nice image with fine detail Eric. Good to see you active again. I hope youll find some time to shoot Mars during October when its larger. This opposition is the best of the cycle for northern hemisphere observers.

Best Wishes