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New Years Eve, Eve Saturn

Started by elancer65, 12/31/2004 08:41AM
Posted 12/31/2004 08:41AM Opening Post
Hi all,

I imaged Saturn last night about 5:03 UT from eastern Massachusetts, USA. Seeing was poor at first but during one of the avi's it was 5-6/10 and this is the image from that avi. This is my best Saturn image so far.
Meade LX90 8" SCT @ f/30 (Tele Vue 3x barlow), Phillips ToUcam Pro 2 w/Baader IR-UV block filter. 1044/1351 frames at 5fps stacked with Registax 3. Thanks for looking.

Clear skies,

Ed Roach

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Posted 12/31/2004 08:56AM #1
Ed, that is a delicate beauty, great job on imaging and processing!
Posted 12/31/2004 09:28AM #2
Beautiful image Ed! Really nice detail and color.

I just can't seem to get the color right on my Saturn images. The blue just doesn't come through. Am I doing something wrong? How do you get the color so nice... some post processing for color balance? Just wondering.

"The expression of the beautiful is in direct ratio to the power of perception acquired by the artist." (Gustave Courbet)
Posted 12/31/2004 10:15AM #3
Ed -

Excellent processing to produce such a beautiful image.



Alan Friedman
Posted 12/31/2004 10:27AM #4

That is an exceptional image. Well done.

Posted 12/31/2004 05:35PM #5
Hi Ed,

An exceptional! image, good color and processing,
don't you just love good seeing smile

Clear and Steady Skies,

Wes Higgins
Posted 12/31/2004 06:14PM #6
Great shot Edward, congrats!

Happy New Year!


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Posted 12/31/2004 06:40PM #7
Hi Ed,
your image of saturn was the first to show in 2005 and what a class one!! incredible for a 8" very natural processed it's worthy as a reference
best wishes Jan
Posted 01/01/2005 11:46AM #8
Thanks everyone for your kind words. I almost decided to stay in that night by the warm fireplace because outside was about 15 degrees F, luckily I didn't.

Clear skies,

Ed Roach
Posted 01/01/2005 11:52AM #9
Happy New Year Ed
Great pix of Saturn! I am new with astrophotography and purchased an LX-90 two months ago. I have the LPI imager and the DSI imager from Meade, but haven't started with them yet (any advice would be appreciated).
Could you tell me how you got an f/30 instead of the f/10? Did the barlow bring the aperture down?
Don Martin