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Theophilus & Cyrillus 2005.03.16.

Started by oliver_p, 03/17/2005 01:47AM
Posted 03/17/2005 01:47AM Opening Post
Hi all,

I was glad to have some clear skies after weeks of clouds yesterday so I gave my C9.25 it's first webcam session at the moon. Seeing was bad and even decreased during the session but I'm surprised that a few acceptable frames exist in the AVIs.
Here's the first processing of the bunch, Theophilus & Cyrillus:

C9.25, Meade 2x Barlow #140, s/w ToUcam ICX098BL @1/33s - 5fps, Astronomik redfilter
2x300 frames stacked, once aligned on Theophilus and once on Cyrillus, results combined

Here the best raw-frame, unfortunately very few of this quality can be found in the AVI:

Clear skies & best regards,
Posted 03/17/2005 06:13AM #1

Great image, sometimes it pays to hang in there and wait for those few seconds of good seeing.


Wes Higgins
Posted 03/17/2005 06:28AM #2
Oliver -

For bad seeing you certainly pulled a pig out of the poke! Excellent image.


Alan Friedman
Posted 03/17/2005 07:51AM #3
That is a very nice image and processing. I like your website as well. How does your Vixen VMC200L compare to your C9?

Posted 03/17/2005 12:42PM #4
Hi Oliver,

That's a great first session for your 9.25. I wish I could get images like that in bad seeing. Thanks for sharing.

Clear skies,

Ed Roach
Posted 03/17/2005 05:52PM #5
This is a beautiful image Oliver. Superb detail!!

"The expression of the beautiful is in direct ratio to the power of perception acquired by the artist." (Gustave Courbet)
Posted 03/18/2005 09:10AM #6
Wonderful shot Oliver!
Crisp detail & great contrast!

Keep it up! 8)

Ivan Gastaldo 8)
Coconut Creek, FL

Ivan's Observatory
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