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A Perspective on Equipment

Posted by Mark Mittlesteadt 07/05/2004 12:00AM   (Articles/Other-Articles/Philosophical)

When is Bigger Big enough? Or...Why my bigger scope shows me wonderful views of my closet.

Wild Card 004 "Improbable-Probable Futures, Limits, Blah, Blah, Blah!"

Posted by Rick Shaffer 07/05/2004 12:00AM   (Articles/Other-Articles/Philosophical)

In this edition of his coulumn, Rick Shaffer muses about what SciFi writers have projected for "Our Future", as well as puts a "wet blanket" on some cherished visions....

Observing with our Hearts

Posted by ralph acerno 07/01/2004 12:00AM   (Articles/Other-Articles/Philosophical)

Real observing is more than just using your eyes-it involves your and heart as well!!!

Through the Eyes of Youth

Posted by Eric Esworthy 06/29/2004 12:00AM   (Articles/Other-Articles/Philosophical)

Ever have that one experience that can change your life forever? With everything available to Amateur Astronomers these days, it's easy to forget what's important in our lives. And this experience relates just such an occasion.

Improving Planetary Visual Detail

Posted by Bill Marvin 06/25/2004 12:00AM   (Articles/Solar-System)

I bet you thought you'd tried everything. Here are a few pointers that really improve visual planetary observing on bright planets...

Wild Card 003: Making Some Sense of the Strehl Ratio

Posted by Rick Shaffer 06/21/2004 12:00AM   (Articles/Other-Articles/Other)

Wild Card 003:  Making Some Sense of the Strehl Ratio

In this installment of "Wild Card", telescope designer Rick Shaffer gets out his slide-rule and takes you through the arcane world of "P2V", "RMS", and how they relate to the "Strehl Ratio", the new "Gold Standard" for describing an optic's performance in imaging a star.

Wild Card 002.1 "Defending Our Planet from Invasions from Space" PLUS a LOT More!

Posted by Rick Shaffer 06/14/2004 12:00AM   (Articles/Other-Articles/Other)

Instead of a story about a practical joke, Rick Shaffer makes some serious suggestions about how we ought to be thinking about SETI, CETI, and rocks falling from the sky. Just for a little variety, there's more about the exit pupil, plus some "shameless commerce"!

Revisiting the Apollo Moon Landings

Posted by Danny Halstead 06/12/2004 12:00AM   (Articles/Solar-System)

Revisiting the Apollo Moon Landings

Moon exploration via a two wheeled observatory

WILD CARD 002 "SETI, a 'Big Ear', and Practical Jokes"

Posted by Rick Shaffer 06/07/2004 12:00AM   (Articles/Other-Articles/Other)

WILD CARD 002 "SETI, a 'Big Ear', and Practical Jokes"

In this edition of his column, Rick Shaffer takes you to a corn field in Ohio. And, the reference to a "Big Ear" doesn't refer to prize winning ear of corn!

Review and Article Submissions

Posted by Paul Walsh 06/04/2004 12:00AM   (Articles/Other-Articles/Other)

Participate in our weekly review contest and win a $50 or $100 store credit with Anacortes Telescope and Wild Bird...

Friends Helping Friends

Posted by MARK PAJOR 05/30/2004 12:00AM   (Articles/Other-Articles/Philosophical)

I am amazed how people will help out each other in this great hobby...

Double Star Observing

Posted by Joe DalSanto 05/27/2004 12:00AM   (Articles/Observing)

Many amateur astronomers have never given double star observing a chance. Here are some good reasons to do so...

Why Observe From Home?

Posted by Joe DalSanto 05/27/2004 12:00AM   (Articles/Observing)

Many amateurs restrict themselves to rare observing opportunities when they can get to a remote site. Here's how and why to increase your time under the stars...

We Stargazers

Posted by Otto Piechowski 05/15/2004 12:00AM   (Articles/Other-Articles/Philosophical)

We Stargazers

"The telescope as a silent sentinel to the gates of the night."

We Know It’s Dangerous; Why Do We Go?

Posted by Rick Shaffer 05/15/2004 12:00AM   (Articles/Other-Articles/Philosophical)

Rick Shaffer's heartfelt piece written only a few hours after the Columbia Accident on the morning of February 1, 2003.