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Discmounts DM-6: Über-altaz

Posted by Eric Gage 02/28/2007 02:24AM   (Reviews/Mounts/Alt-Azimuth)

Discmounts DM-6:  Über-altaz

The DM-6 has a reputation as the ultimate alt-azimuth mount. Is it?

FAR-Sight: Best of Both Worlds Binocular Mount

Posted by Bob Christ 02/03/2007 08:00AM   (Reviews/Mounts/Binocular)

FAR-Sight: Best of Both Worlds Binocular Mount

Whether viewing through a telescope or binocular: steadiness of the mount is a “must-have.” Enter the innovative FAR-Sight binocular mounting system.

Vixen Porta Alt-Azimuth Mount

Posted by Joplin Motisher-Chittenden 12/22/2006 08:00AM   (Reviews/Mounts/Alt-Azimuth)

A Mount That Lives Up To It's Name

Star wars...

Posted by Ed Moreno 10/27/2006 07:00AM   (Reviews/Mounts/Other)

AutoStar Vs. NexStar

EZTouch Alt-Az Mount and Tripod - It doesn't get any EZier

Posted by Timm Bottoni 09/15/2006 07:00AM   (Reviews/Mounts/Alt-Azimuth)

EZTouch Alt-Az Mount and Tripod - It doesn't get any EZier

If you never seem to get outside to observer any more because you just never seem to have the time, the EZTouch mount and tripod, may be the answer.

Vixen Polaris

Posted by Ed Moreno 08/16/2006 07:00AM   (Reviews/Mounts/Equatorial)

Vixen Polaris

A case of having your cake… And eating it too…

William Optics EZTouch: Next in a series of ultimates?

Posted by Eric Gage 07/19/2006 07:00AM   (Reviews/Mounts/Alt-Azimuth)

William Optics EZTouch:  Next in a series of ultimates?

Having already written a review praising another mount as the perfect alt-az for the PST, will the author be forced to admit this one perfect?

Venus Optics Imager Tripod

Posted by Richard Hennig 07/04/2006 10:41PM   (Reviews/Mounts/Other)

Venus Optics Imager Tripod

Focusing a DSLR or a webcam is a challenge and required a lot of patience when you use the aluminum tripod that comes with many mounts. When a friend of mine, Alex Choy, told me that he started designing and manufacturing a replacement tripod for the GP mount and its clones, I jumped at the opportunity and asked him to send me one to replace my aluminum tripod and to test it for astrophotography.

A new contender on the Alt-Az block!

Posted by Morris Bagnall 04/23/2006 07:00AM   (Reviews/Mounts/Alt-Azimuth)

A new contender on the Alt-Az block!

So you hear about a new mount; then you hear one of the only ones shipped out has been sent back. Do you still go out and buy one? I did!!

TeleVue Panoramic Mount

Posted by Eric Gage 03/23/2006 08:00AM   (Reviews/Mounts/Alt-Azimuth)

TeleVue Panoramic Mount

Despite the fact that "aperture wins", an astonishing number of amateur astronomers have turned to the 80mm refractor. These small scopes seem to deliver the perfect mixture of portability and performance. How will you mount yours?

Dan's Pier Plates

Posted by john dull 03/18/2006 08:00AM   (Reviews/Mounts/Other)

Dan's Pier Plates

Solid and Steady and adjustable pier plate

Celestron CGE Mount

Posted by Ed Moreno 01/26/2006 08:00AM   (Reviews/Mounts/Equatorial)

Marching across the Sky

The NJP Temma 2 Goto Mount from Takahashi

Posted by Morgan Spangle 09/13/2005 07:00AM   (Reviews/Mounts/Equatorial)

A heavyweight contender for visual or astrophotography that you can own now...

LXD650 Bang for Buck or Bust?

Posted by Don Joski 08/26/2005 07:00AM   (Reviews/Mounts/Equatorial)

LXD650 Bang for Buck or Bust?

There was a buzz on astro sites that Meade outlet was selling a LXD650/102ED package that included a goto computer for $1,000 less than Meade dealers. Interesting I thought. I had just sold a C9.25 and GM8. Could I possibly go from a big scope to a little scope? No way, that is, unless the little scope's mount could carry a big scope. I posted a question in the forum - can the LXD650 handle a 9.25" SCT? I got a couple of replies. Both said it would carry a C9.25, better than a GM8, and might even handle an 11" SCT. Sold.