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The Formidable Celestron C14

Posted by Paul Atkinson 06/02/2004 12:00AM   (Reviews/Telescopes/Cats)

The Formidable Celestron C14

Like To Go Deep? Then Celestron C14 Might Be For You!

CI-700 Hercules

Posted by Jim Fusco 06/01/2004 12:00AM   (Reviews/Telescopes)

Exceeding the mount limitation.

Tuthill Polar Alignment Scope for SCT's

Posted by Donald Siwek 06/01/2004 12:00AM   (Reviews/Accessories/Hardware)

Tuthill Polar Alignment Scope for SCT's

Polar alignment in about a minute!

Wild Card 001.1 “More Than You Ever Wanted to Know about Eyepieces, Coma, and Astigmatism”

Posted by Rick Shaffer 05/31/2004 12:00AM   (Reviews/Telescopes)

Wild Card 001.1  “More Than You Ever Wanted to Know about Eyepieces, Coma, and Astigmatism”

Fearing that there’s not enough boredom in the World today, telescope designer Rick Shaffer inflicts his theory on the cause of so many “balloon-filled telescope views” on an unsuspecting World.

Digitec SCT Laser Collimator

Posted by Donald Siwek 05/28/2004 12:00AM   (Reviews/Accessories/Hardware)

Digitec SCT Laser Collimator

The best SCT collimator I've used!

Televue NP101

Posted by Jeffrey Kramer 05/28/2004 12:00AM   (Reviews/Telescopes/Refractors)

Is the Televue NP101 the perfect 4" APO?

Review of the Burgess Optical 1278 Refractor

Posted by Joplin Motisher-Chittenden 05/27/2004 12:00AM   (Reviews/Telescopes/Refractors)

A solid performing telescope at a bargain price.

Orion 80mm ED Refractor OTA

Posted by Shane LaPierre 05/27/2004 12:00AM   (Reviews/Telescopes/Refractors)

Orion 80mm ED Refractor OTA

Find out how this inexpensive "apo" performs.

Starlight Instruments FeatherTouch Focuser

Posted by Paul Atkinson 05/27/2004 12:00AM   (Reviews/Accessories/Hardware)

Starlight Instruments FeatherTouch Focuser

If You Think Butter Is Smooth, You Should Try This!

Orion Apex 127 Maksutov-Cassegrainian

Posted by Lawrence Carlino 05/27/2004 12:00AM   (Reviews/Telescopes/Cats)

Orion Apex 127 Maksutov-Cassegrainian

Take a bite of this not-so-big Mak Attack

Which eyepiece should I buy for my new telescope?

Posted by Tom Hole 05/27/2004 12:00AM   (Reviews/Beginners)

A primer for beginners on eyepiece selection.

Mewlon 300

Posted by Mark Keitel 05/27/2004 12:00AM   (Reviews/Telescopes/Cats)

Mewlon 300

Are you prepared to view through the best planetary scope you can move yourself?

Polar Alignment for Dummies

Posted by Edward Otto 05/27/2004 12:00AM   (Reviews/Beginners)

The thing that I have seen beginners struggling with is Polar Alignment. This short article is intended to allieviate your stress.

Wild Card 001 - The Exit Pupil of a Telescope

Posted by Rick Shaffer 05/26/2004 12:00AM   (Reviews/Beginners)

Wild Card 001 - The Exit Pupil of a Telescope

Despite the fact that it’s pretty boring, telescope designer Rick Shaffer explains the elusive exit pupil of a telescope. This is the very first installment of his new column, Wild Card.