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Meade SWA28mm 2" Eyepiece

Posted by david elosser 06/22/2005 12:00AM   (Reviews/Eyepieces/12mm-And-Up)

I am sure you have heard the bad-mouthing that Chinese imports sometimes get. Here is an eyepiece that proudly wears its country of origin.

Product review: The Orion Stratus Wide-Field eyepiece.

Posted by Robert Piekiel 06/09/2005 12:00AM   (Reviews/Eyepieces/12mm-And-Up)

Product review: The Orion Stratus Wide-Field eyepiece.

In the late spring of 2005 an S&T advertisement by Orion caught my eyes for a line of wide-field eyepieces with a 68-degree AFOV and 20mm of eye relief...

The Speers WALER line of Eyepieces

Posted by Tom Nicolaides 06/07/2005 12:00AM   (Reviews/Eyepieces/Other)

The Speers WALER line of Eyepieces

Will they ever bcome as well respected as Naglers?

Celestron 2" 19mm Axiom Eyepiece

Posted by david elosser 05/15/2005 12:00AM   (Reviews/Eyepieces/12mm-And-Up)

When you read the descriptions about the Celestron 19mm 2" Axiom ep, you get the impression you are getting a top quality eyepiece for under $200.00. Could this really be the case?

Russell Optics 85mm Super-Plossl

Posted by Clayton Cramer 03/24/2005 12:00AM   (Reviews/Eyepieces/12mm-And-Up)

Russell Optics 85mm Super-Plossl

A nicely done, bargain priced eyepiece designed for rather special duty.

William Optics Swan Eyepiece- 20 mm

Posted by Chad Moore 03/05/2005 12:00AM   (Reviews/Eyepieces/12mm-And-Up)

William Optics Swan Eyepiece- 20 mm

The search for bargain glass continues...

22mm & 17mm Nagler T4's

Posted by Ed Moran 10/31/2004 12:00AM   (Reviews/Eyepieces/12mm-And-Up)

22mm & 17mm Nagler T4's

Two great medium power eyepieces for large SCT'S

Comparing the Tele Vue 12mm Radian

Posted by Patrick Anway 10/27/2004 12:00AM   (Reviews/Eyepieces/12mm-And-Up)

A look at the Tele Vue Radian and how it compares to a 12.5mm Ultima and 12mm ortho

Knight_Owl Services (GSO) Eyepiece Review

Posted by Eric Esworthy 10/01/2004 12:00AM   (Reviews/Eyepieces/Other)

Could it be that we finally have a low cost solution for exceptional views of the night sky? Read on & draw your own conclusions.

Televue Barlow

Posted by Scott Hill 08/29/2004 12:00AM   (Reviews/Eyepieces/Barlows)

Televue Barlow

The days of tolerating visual distortions in exchange for higher magnification are over, if you can afford a premium barlow.

Performance of the Pentax XW 10mm eyepiece

Posted by Joplin Motisher-Chittenden 06/13/2004 12:00AM   (Reviews/Eyepieces/1-To-119mm)

Can this new Pentax eyepiece compare with the best TeleVue has to offer ?

The Aries SAFIX

Posted by Rod Mollise 05/24/2004 12:00AM   (Reviews/Eyepieces/Other)

The Aries SAFIX

Spherical Aberraton? What Spherical Aberration?